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Wheelchair Access Denied ft. Instant Karma [CC]

Accessibility is so important, yet here I am being denied access because of my wheelchair. It’s no secret that I’m currently looking for work, and struggling to survive on Universal Credit. I have been barred from attending my appointments properly because of my wheelchair.

When I can’t attend my appointment properly, I can’t discuss my online journal with my job coach because we don’t have access to it. That’s on the computer upstairs. We can’t look at job vacancies because that’s on the computer upstairs. We can’t confidently book a future appointment because we can’t see the availability.

I’ve been told that if my appointment is on a wheelchair day in the future, I should just reschedule because they can’t (or won’t) see me. When it’s so easy to get sanctions, you’d think they would make it easy to attend your appointments. However, that has not been my experience.

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12. Juli 2019