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2018 MWXC Martinsville Mayhem Bike FAILS & CRASHES Part 1

So here is part 1 of the bike Mayhem that happened at the round 5 of MWXC Martinsville Mayhem in Martinsville Indiana,

It rained a LOT before the race, but as soon as the riders started to line up, the sun started shinning and made for some unforgettable race conditions.

There is plenty of carnage, Mayhem, crashes, fails, and bloopers for your guys entertainment.

I was shooting for more of a vlog type of edit, not just fails and crashes so It was originally going to be a 25+ min video but rendering was taking for ever so i decided to split the video in two parts, so make sure you go check out part 2 as well to see the all the fun and interesting parts of this eventful day!!!

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10. Juli 2019