Instant Karma

Quick Fails #1 | Insane Instant Karma Moment | Spelunky

Episode 1: The Devastating out of nowhere moment that makes you nearly rage quit life
***This happened during a live stream about 2 years ago.***
(Spelunky is one of the top game going for these types of moments) have a profound effect on you based on the passion you have for the game you’re playing. I wonder if anyone ever KTS over a video game. In the Ice caves, you sometimes have to pay close attention when the level first starts, sometimes a Yeti or Alien Ship will trigger mines on the ground to detonate and another object or in this case an explosive extraterrestrial vehicle.
Quick Flips #1 | Insane Instant Karma Moment | Spelunky

Game : Spelunky

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12. Juni 2019