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IXCR 2018 X- Factor AM & PM ATV Pro Hill Fails, Mulch, Mud & More

So i took the time to travel a whole 1 hour and 10 mins to film the AM and PM ATV s race on Saturday July 14th the the X Factor, the same location where the White tails GNCC X factor race is held. which by the way. the property is awesome and it is very very big.

So here is all the footage that i got. including some hill climbs, most were wins but a few were fails. Also the mulch pile was interesting to watch as well, and as always my favorite parts were the crashes and side commentary.

↓↓↓↓↓ PM ATV OVERALL ↓↓↓↓↓

1 Adam Mcgill
2 Austin Abney
3 Jonathon Fugate
4 Dwight Pollard
5 Tyler Swindle
6 Cameron Abee
7 Cory Vandelinder
8 Corbin Mennen
9 Luke Shepherd
10 Nathan Smith
11 Dason Comeaux
12 Matthew Blankenship
13 Drew Landers
14 Austin Gourley
15 Chris Berry
16 Derek Warren
17 Levi Bowman
18 Aaron Gourley
19 Brian Reusch
20 Blaise Cooke
21 Alan Daniels
22 Jacob Walden
23 Ryon Partee
24 Andy Rippy
25 Clayton Terry

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Some Pictures at the end were provided by:
Heather Morrison Kirchoff, so if you like them go check out her page @

Lookas – Genesis

Rogers & Dean – No Doubt (Rival x Cadmium Remix) [NCS Release]

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12. Juni 2019