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Instant Karma Compilation: Bare Butt on Bees, Line Cutter Slapped, Robbery Fail | They Had It Coming

In this episode of „They Had It Coming,“ a moron puts his naked bum on a colony of bees, a group of thieves is bested by an elderly man, and two guys brawl over tacos. When it comes to karma, these idiots got exactly what they deserved.

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Clip 1 – Idiot puts bare ass on bees for money
August 31, 2017
Beekeeper Jamie Grainger won a sizable bet in rural New Zealand, after he sat bare-bottomed atop a beehive for a painful 30 seconds. “It wasn’t pleasant, but it was certainly amusing,” the 27-year-old kiwi said afterward. “As you can imagine, your arse swells up.”

Clip 2 – Badass 83-year-old fought off armed robbers
September 18, 2018
You can bet on this duo. An 83-year-old father of five and his co-worker foiled the plans of three armed men who busted into a betting shop in Cork, Ireland.

Clip 3 – Line cutter gets well-deserved slap to the face
July 20, 2018
Bizarre footage shows a man trying to cut to the front of the line in a taco restaurant in Detroit, Michigan, despite being literally pushed back by other customers. After refusing to give up his unearned spot at the front of the line, the cutter and several others were reportedly forced to leave without getting any tacos.

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