Instant Karma

Thief gets instant karma

A military police officer reacted to an assault and shot at least one of two thieves at a fuel station in Trindade, Metropolitan Region of Goiânia, Brazil. Security cameras registered the action. The accomplice, who was riding a motorcycle, managed to escape.

The crime happened on Thursday 9. In the images, it’s possible to see the moment an employee of the station refueling the vehicle of the police officer, who was with the wife and the son.

The two men then appear, both wearing a helmet, one on foot and one on the motorcycle. The one who was walking approaches the employee and begins to take the money from his pocket when he is suddenly shot and falls. The motorcyclist runs away.

The 19-year-old assailant was rescued and referred to the Governor Otávio Lage de Siqueira Emergency Hospital (Hugol).

According to the police officer’s report on the incident report, the attendant attending him knew him and noticed that the suspects had given an assault voice to a colleague. Then he alerted the agent to the situation.

When the duo arrived to steal the other officer from the post, the soldier drew his weapon, for „the author was approaching with the weapon in hand, to steal them as well.“

Still, the officer fired six times. He also claimed that the man on the motorcycle fired the shots, but then fled the scene.

According to the PM, before this assault, the two men had already committed other robberies.

The case will be determined by the Trinity Homicide Investigation Group (GIH).

Source: https://g1. globo. com/go/goias/noticia/2019/05/10/pm-de-folga-reage-a-assalto-e-atira-contra-ladroes-em-posto-de-combustiveis-de-trindade-video.ghtml

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13. Mai 2019